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Poster: gratefuldiver Date: Feb 24, 2012 6:44pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Is Interest in the Dead falling away, rising, or the same ?

I always enjoy posts about this subject. I love the 5/25/77 show, but my ears and my stereo system just can't justify paying for something that I already have a more than adequate copy of. Maybe CD sales aren't a good indicator of popularity shifts, especially for a month with now five (?) full concerts on CD releases plus the trifecta shows which are among the most collected of all time.

As for concerts these days (and I'm always braced for the backlash), I prefer DSO to any variations of Phil & Friends, The Dead, Furthur, etc. (In the mid-80s, I also preferred seeing my college's GD cover band to seeing the real thing at MSG or the Spectrum until the GD got back on track later in the decade.) Perhaps it's the Bay Area, but DSO can almost always sell out 2 nights at the Fillmore or Regency Ballroom and 3 nights at the GAMH. More to the point, at concerts I see and talk to so many fans who were between 5 and 10 years old when Jerry left us, fans who never saw the GD but toured with Furthur, fans who never heard of the GD a year ago and were dragged to a show by a friend and now see DSO, Furthur, and Phil & Friends every time they are in town. Sakanaband nailed it: the GD's music is timeless. For 20th C music, I think one would be hard-pressed to find fans of other icons (the Beatles, Charlie Parker, Igor Stravinsky, Johnny Cash, Duke Ellington, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, etc) who are as passionate, diverse, and plentiful as fans of the GD. Finally, to speak to DSO perhaps not being a good barometer: it's still the GD's music. Just because Beethoven isn't conducting the SF Symphony's performance of his 9th Symphony in the 21st C doesn't mean that interest in Beethoven's music can be discounted.

Not only are still lots of us who "really like licorice", there's an entirely new generation of licorice lovers who have only seen Jerry perform on YouTube clips.